Core Values & Mission Statement

Core Values

Be honest, fair and ethical in all aspects of our business.

Treat each other with respect and dignity. Our people are our real assets. Provide a good stimulating and flexible work environment. Care about them and their families and help them. Pay them fairly and adequately. Give them the individual opportunity to further their career and to share in the success of the company, based on merit.

Work hard and play hard. This is perhaps the toughest of industries; still… we must try to keep it fun! Appreciate every day the opportunity that our clients are giving us, to entrust us with some of their most important and highly visible projects. Be worthy of that trust. Always remember that a reputation is a fragile thing and work very hard every day to maintain it – if necessary and appropriate, commit financial resources for that purpose. Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time. Always strive to build the job to the highest standards in the most cost effective manner consistent with the interest of the owner. However, keep in mind that our subcontractors and vendors must have the opportunity to make a fair profit.

Recognize that profit and growth are the means to make all of the other values and objectives possible. However, while growth is necessary for the advancement of individual careers, it must be carefully balanced so that our core values are preserved. The balance between growth, profit and customer service will be our single most important challenge.

These Core Values will never change regardless of market conditions or other external factors.

Mission Statement

Safety must be first among all other job site requirements.

Sciame intends to maintain its stature as the premier New York builder by applying the highest standards of excellence to every aspect of the construction process. Working together as a team, we will put together the best construction program anyone has ever seen.

We will use our construction expertise and reputation to secure profitable projects to ensure that our core values are protected.

We will always look for good available people. We will hire them based on ability, desire and fit.  We will expect them to perform.

We will maintain the speed and agility of a small enterprise as we grow.

We will approach the unique challenges of each construction project with a “We Can Do Anything” attitude and cause this attitude to become contagious. Don’t follow others – “Thou shalt not kill a good idea.” We will be the only one who can do what we do.

Certain of these principles may be subject to change and should be periodically revisited.