Sciame Sponsors Superpuesto





Sciame Construction is proud to be a sponsor of the newly opened Exhibit “Beyond the Supersquare” at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.  In conjunction with the exhibit Sciame aided in the construction of Terence Gower’s SuperPuesto pavilion, located across the street at the Andrew Freedman Home.   SuperPuesto explores the intersection between mid-20th Century modernism and the street-life of markets in Latin America.   The wood, vinyl, and concrete pavilion resembles Marcel Breuer’s iconic house once located in the sculpture garden of the Museum of Modern Art.   A small team of architects, artists, and carpenters constructed the temporary pavilion in less than three weeks.   It will host a number of associated art and educational programs throughout its stay.   It will be open for viewing from July 17th to November 16th 2014.

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